Human capital is a main source of competitive advantage. DeLaPorte & Associates, Inc. has played a vital role in our organization with their facilitation, consulting, and training skills. As a result, we have sharpened our focus on human capital by linking strategic business plans with goals and objectives through our mission, vision and values.

The Strategic Planning/ Objective Setting session you facilitated for us has become the standard for CitiBank nationwide.

Senior Leadership Team

GDI Consulting and Training Company

In all the mines I have visited in my twenty-one years of consulting, I have never visited a mine where individuals exhibited as much mutual respect for one another and were as desirous of working in a team as I have seen at the Phelps Dodge Tyrone, Inc. copper mine.  De La Porte & Associates, Inc. has done an outstanding job in leading Tyrone team members to work within an empowered team structure.  I am certain the breakthrough productivity improvement projects we were engaged to perform could not have succeeded without the teaming we encountered.

It is rare to find a client who speaks so highly of a consulting firm and the on-site project manager as does Bob Pennington, the Tyrone Mine Manager.  Your firm has clearly made a difference at Phelps Dodge Tyrone, Inc.  Congratulations.

Alan G. D.
President, GDI Consulting and Training Company

Luxottica Group, Ray-Ban Optics
De La Porte & Associates, Inc. provided our plants (three international and one domestic) with exceptional individual and team development training. Their training is highly effective in any culture and any business situation. Unlike previous training, which tended to lead to more venting than action, DLP&A brought to our business a no-nonsense set of methods for improving our performance as a team.

Through a systematic and building-block approach, they begin the training with an excellent focus on you and your behaviors. What follows is a responsive and adaptable curriculum that teaches managers how to be good leaders and leaders how to be more effective managers. The training effectively taught us how to better deal with each other, change, performance and all the other complex factors that determine the success or failure of a business.

No more popularity contests, this training ~ if used ~ leads teams to perform at the highest levels while not tolerating mediocrity for the sake of getting along. Conversely, managers must address those employees with performance issues that affect the performance of the team. In the end, this training made the difference because it became a part of our everyday work culture.

Senior Management Team
Luxottica Group, Ray-Ban Optics

Phelps Dodge Morenci, Inc.
DeLaPorte & Associates, Inc. and my firm have truly partnered to create sustainable value for both organizations and individual “skills for life” for our employees. One of the more important factors in considering them as partners is the in depth discovery that they perform and subsequent strategy formulation to achieve measurable lasting results. DLP&A is not a “one size fits all” organization. Based on a company’s needs and level of commitment they will help formulate a strategy to achieve goals. DLP&A will not tell you what you want to hear; instead they provide accurate insights and feedback throughout the duration of any project. In addition, their strategies include appropriate exit plans for the client to sustain the desired state without facilitation.

H.M. C.
Phelps Dodge Morenci, Inc.

Bausch & Lomb, Eyewear Division
Bausch & Lomb began partnering with DeLaPorte & Associates, Inc. in an effort to accomplish several key objectives:

  1. To develop clear and integrated Visions, Missions, and Values across our international manufacturing sites;
  2. To develop the leadership and management competencies of our manufacturing staffs (including those of our Directors and their reports) and Corporate Division Staff;
  3. To create a common language among our leaders, managers, supervisors, and team leaders in regards to Interpersonal Relationships, Continuous Improvement, Leadership, Management, and Organizational Change.

They have truly partnered with us and have always put win/win, mutual interests ahead of ones that are short-sighted. They have helped us to keep the end in mind and work toward raising the bar, particularly when the bar seemed to move. Having worked with DLP&A, I can attest to the value and clarity they bring organizations through their efforts and values-based solutions. I believe they are by no means the typical “consulting” firm. They are indeed partners and will view your business from a stewardship-mindset. I have found this to be true time and again.

Senior Management Team
North American Operations

John Moore & Associates
When we started our own company, we needed someone we could turn to for professional, practical consultation and training. DeLaPorte & Associates, Inc. has provided us with the ideal foundation for building a successful and competitive business. Now ALL of our employees are trained at DeLaPorte & Associates, Inc.

John M.
JM&A, Inc.

Joe M., Board of Advisors
“I had the opportunity and pleasure of working with DeLaPorte & Associates, Inc. throughout my 40+ years in the Aerospace and Defense Industry.  After I retired (for the second time), I joined the DeLaPorte team.  To me, there can be no larger endorsement.  Who they are, what they do, and how they do it exudes EXCELLENCE.”

Bob B., CEO, Eastman & Beaudine
“The DeLaPorte team is on the cutting edge of strategic solutions worldwide in the area of organizational change/workforce development. Enduring values passed on have served DeLaPorte well! Simply said: “Their business is helping your business.” 

Cynthia D., Vice President, North American Operations, Manufacturing
DeLaPorte & Associates have truly partnered with us and have always put win/win, mutual interests ahead of ones that are short-sighted.
They have helped us to keep the end in mind and work toward raising the bar, particularly when the bar seemed to move.
Having worked with DeLaPorte, I can attest to the value and clarity they bring organizations through their efforts and values-based solutions. I believe they are by no means the typical "consulting" firm. They are indeed partners and will view your business from a stewardship-mindset. I have found this to be true time and again.

Los Alamos National Laboratory
As the premier research and development organization in Northern New Mexico, DeLaPorte & Associates, Inc. has partnered with us in a multitude of strategic capacities since the early 1980's. DeLaPorte has shared their expertise in management training, long range planning, team building, quality, and instructor training for nearly twenty years. We commend DeLaPorte for their support and consulting to us and our entire management team.

Senior Management Team
Los Alamos National Laboratory

Robert B. C., Executive Vice President, Aerospace
“I have worked with DeLaPorte & Associates, Inc. personally in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Madisonville, Kentucky, Syracuse, New York and Bethesda, Maryland. In all cases, they have enhanced my introduction to a new staff and provided me and my team with managerial style insights which have accelerated our abilities to adapt and function smoothly with each other."

Steve S., President & CEO, Technology
“DeLaPorte & Associates, Inc. is one of those unique organizations who never stands still and is always looking for ways to grow your business while continuing to help others.”

Gerhard B., Ph.D., SVP Global Operations & Engineering, Pharmaceuticals
“Given my excellent experience with DeLaPorte, I recommend them to any company or management team which wants to improve its performance. The time and money could not be invested better.”

Chester K,, Fortune 500 Aerospace and Defense Executive
“DeLaPorte & Associates, Inc. has great insights into organizational strengths. They quickly identify opportunities to improve the engagement of the workforce toward business-focused results. DeLaPorte earned the trust and respect of all levels within the workforce. Through those trust foundations, they have helped to guide the executive staff to areas where we needed to focus specific attention and actions.”

Dennis H., former PGA Pro Golfer
“Jason advised me on the start-up of my new business. It is very important that my company operates with integrity and character and DeLaPorte helped us chart that path.” 

Q R., Sr. Vice President & Chief Procurement Officer
“I had the pleasure to work with DeLaPorte in our training & development efforts - particularly in communications and team development initiatives. DeLaPorte has always proven to be an expert resource in helping our teams to understand their strengths and opportunities for greater unity to drive higher levels of performance.”

David L., President, Investment Banking
“Jason lives and breathes "impacting people’s lives for the better". The harder the challenge, the better he gets.  He is passionate about their values based solutions, and has helped revolutionize our firm's ability to communicate about prospects and clients. As a result our own value equation to our clients is improved. I can strongly recommend Jason DeLaPorte and the entire DeLaPorte team to you.” 

Bob E., Vice President, Manufacturing
"Jason is a credible leader with high ethics, who understands the value that his organization can bring to bear with any company that they work with in order to help unlock people's potential.” 

Clayton O., VP Human Resources, Bausch & Lomb
“Jason has provided excellent training and organizational development work for B+L, especially in the area of Social Styles training. We continue to benefit from his work.”

Mark H., CIO/CTO, ComStar Media
“DeLaPorte is an exceptional leader and business executive. His attention to detail and ability to build esprit de corps with his own team as well as teams outside his company is an asset that allows him to be very effective with his communication and instruction. It is always a pleasure to do business with him and I know that anyone he has worked with and will work with will provide commensurate or greater praise.” 

Jeff L., CEO, Clothing Company
“Jason is one of those few, special "go-to" guys that lives way outside of any box. He is an extraordinary creative thinker and problem solver. Jason's unique perspective on any given situation brings clarity and break-through in times where solutions are not easily seen. As valuable as these traits are, Jason's greatest gift is how he conducts his business and personal life with honor, integrity and trust. How do I know all of this? Because Jason is the man I turn to when I am stuck and in need of help!” 

Richard B., Vice President, Software and Gaming
“When Lockheed Martin acquired my company in 2007, I believe the planets aligned fatefully to ensure that DeLaPorte & Associates, Inc. was there to overcome the impedance mismatch of small computer game technology company and large defense contractor. DeLaPorte hosted a number of offsite meetings with senior leadership from Lockheed Martin and made the transition smooth for my team while also ensuring that the DNA from both organizations was cross-pollinated to optimum effect. That level of midwifery between large and small business and past and future capabilities requires enormous insight, knowledge and creativity. Thankfully, the DeLaPorte team has all of that in abundance.”

Debra A., Senior Account Manager, Banking
“DeLaPorte & Associates, Inc. programs are exceptionally helpful in working with both clients and colleagues. More affective and applicable than any training I've ever experienced. Great work and enjoyable tools!”

Debra P., Vice President, Global Logistics
“DeLaPorte has been instrumental in facilitating the President and executive staff evolving from a disjointed group of individuals into a cohesive, focused and supportive business team.”

Brandon C., Vice President, Internet Marketing
“As a previous owner of a Residential Construction Services company, I often relied on DeLaPorte to construct creative processes, for which they described and outlined the best approach to a project, sales training methodology and company infrastructure mapping. DeLaPorte’ creativity, resourcefulness, and ability to see a project through really made the recommendations distinctive and successful. I highly recommend DeLaPorte & Associates as a welcome addition to any companies resources.” 

Marianne S.
“DeLaPorte has the ability to energize and motivate through teaching skills.”

Steve R., Founder & Chairman of the Board, Non Profit
“DeLaPorte & Associates, Inc. is committed to people and to excellence. I trust them implicitly. They are men and women of integrity who honor relationships and fulfill their commitments with class.  They are problem solvers who continually seek ways to improve the human condition and impact the lives of others. Giving and generous, the DeLaPorte team also has a drive to be excellent at what they do and to help others reach their highest potential both at in the workplace and in their personal lives.” 

David H.
“I contracted with DeLaPorte on a wide variety of OD interventions. DeLaPorte was always able to meet and exceed the expectations that we had established for the program. Their staff are top notch professionals. They are able to provide tailored service in each of the interactions that I had with this organization. From mentoring to Social Styles to executive coaching opportunities, I highly recommend DeLaPorte & Associates, Inc..”